Zak Greant’s OSI Weekly Report 2008 Weeks 15 – 20

This report is a summary of Zak Greant‘s Open Source Initiative activities from April 13th to May 17th, 2008.

These Weeks

  • Dropped the ball on my OSI volunteer work due to client emergency.
  • Found great sysadmin to manage our infrastructure for us (I now just need to get budget approved.)
  • Lightweight community service (chasing after the board on a private matter, answering a few community questions)
  • Attended board meetings. Lightweight participation on board mailing list.


  • After a small chunk of work by Andy, Alolita and myself, we abandoned developing the RFP for OSI hosting and infrastructure. The awesome Brian Behlendorf will just provide us with more good stuff on his servers – we just need to administer things ourselves.

Next Week

  • Organize a Trac training event and issue triage event with the OSI board and observers.
  • Garden the Trac system: enter new issues, update the wiki pages and other general administration tasks.

When this report was written, I was serving the Open Source Initiative as an unpaid board observer. I own and operate Foo Associates Inc., a small Canadian strategic consultancy. My major client at this time is the Mozilla Foundation. In addition to my volunteer work with the OSI, I also volunteer with the Free Software Foundation, sit on the Continuent advisory board and provide sporadic advice and support to other free software and open source projects.