Zak Greant’s OSI Weekly Report 2008 Week 11

This report is a summary of Zak Greant‘s Open Source Initiative activities for the week of March 16th to 22nd, 2008.

This Week

  • Alolita, Andrew and I worked on the draft infrastructure requirements for the various online services that the OSI needs and provides, and developed a corresponding RFP.
  • A few instances of lightweight community service in response to queries sent to the OSI at open mailing list.
  • Some wasted time feeding my inner troll on the private OSI list.

Next Week

  • Get board to review RFP. (Hopefully) publish the RFP.
  • Try to find time to garden the Trac system: enter new issues, update the wiki pages and other general administration tasks.


When this report was written, I was serving the Open Source Initiative as an unpaid board observer.

I own and operate Foo Associates Inc., a small Canadian strategic consultancy. My major client at this time is the Mozilla Foundation. In addition to my volunteer work with the OSI, I also volunteer with the Free Software Foundation, sit on the Continuent advisory board and provide sporadic advice and support to other free software and open source projects.