What does AI have in common with Open Source?

OSI Executive Director, Stefano Maffulli, sat down with Richard Littauer and Justin Dorfman hosts of the podcast series Sustain and had an interesting conversation about our upcoming Deep Dive: AI event and what AI has in common with Open Source.

“I thought, Artificial Intelligence is a new thing. It’s changing the boundary between data and software” blurring the classic divide between the copyright of the documents you write and licenses of the tools you use to write them.

In this podcast episode, Stefano dives into the conversation of artificial intelligence and the potential it has on affecting the Open Source Definition. He clarifies the vision behind Deep Dive: AI, the effort led by OSI to explore AI’s impact on Open Source communities and society as a whole.

“We’re going to interview experts, and release those in a podcast series. After that, we’ll put together these experts and other experts in live panel conversations, to find answers to questions like what do you think an “open” AI system looks like? What are your best wishes for one?”

The OSI plans to put everything from this event into a report and use that as a starting point for future conversations and deeper research in the coming year. The conversation flows towards the revenue of OSI and how sponsors’ money is invested in new and existing programs.

He explains how many people don’t realize that the OSI is internally a small organization with currently only two full time employees and a handful of part time consultants.

Stefano talks more in depth about other topics as well including the recent changes that have already started at the organization, our monthly newsletters and new blog and what he has planned for the future such as hopes to reinforce the Affiliate program very soon.

Check out the full episode to hear more from our Executive Director.