West Africa to invest in FOSS Study

FOSSFA and OSIWA, in their Free and Open Source Software for West Africa and Beyond (FOSSWAY) project are set to invest in FOSS research in West Africa. In the recently published Call for Tender both organisations are awarding a research contract up to the tune of 65 000 US dollars for a Study to be carried out in five West African Countries. The study, whose results will be made available in French and English languages, will be the first to constructively do a hands-on from withing the continent. Scheduled for Nigerian and Ghana (English-speaking), Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire (French-Speaking) and Cape Verde (Portuguese-speaking), the study shall generate needed data for cost analysis as well as providing the information for FOSS needs analysis. Silvia Aimasso, FOSSWAY Project Coordinator, has published and started distributing the Call for Tender. Judging from the competence requirement, it is certain that the research product is already on many an African’s list of ‘cant wait to appear’. More of that HERE