FOSS for the Future: Welcoming Teckids as an Affiliate Member

We’re excited to announce that Teckids e.V. is joining OSI as an Affiliate Member. Teckids is an educational organisation based in Germany that focuses on providing Free Software resources and tools for students and educators. Teckids involves children and young people at all levels — from workshop preparation to website management, social media and the charitys board. Teckids also holds events and workshops to raise awareness for teamwork and democracy.

OSI knows that todays kids will be tomorrows leaders. Josh Simmons, OSIs President says, Helping young people to become comfortable with technology early is good — helping kids to understand that collaboration could be the default is great. We look forward to working with Teckids and promoting their many educational opportunities for the next generation of software users and developers.
Teckids e.V. provides educational institutions with free software and educational resources. They plan youth camps and workshop programmes on various topics such as robotics, electronics, creativity and game programming. They also maintain an online platform for children and young people to exchange ideas about projects and to offer an opportunity to use free software.
Dominik George from Teckids e.V. says, We look forward to continuing to raise the profile of Free Software in education and hope to make more connections with the international FOSS community through our Affiliate relationship with OSI. Benedict Suska from Teckids e.V. says, “Our goal is to create a network of stakeholders, companies, teachers and students that bring Free Software into education under common standards. Through our membership in OSI, we hope to have strong partners in the FOSS community at our side to help us fulfil our mission.”
If youre interested in learning more about Teckids e.V., check out their website in English or in German.