Visit us at OSCON in Austin

Here is a roundup of what to watch out for from the OSI in Austin, Texas.

Community Leadership Summit

For those of you attending Community Leadership Summit, there will be several people from the OSI who are always eager to talk open source and otherwise. Don’t hesitate to approach us and say hello!

OSCON Expo Hall

We will have a booth (#231-1) in the OSCON expo hall where we will have stickers, patches, our highly popular OSI neck pillows, and perhaps more! Come along to say hello, and be sure to bring your friends. We will be recruiting new members, and will be very interested in your ideas to help run the OSI and promote open source software.

OSI Office Hours

Throughout OSCON we’ll be hosting office hours where you can discuss your interests and issues with not only OSI directors, but also some of our Affiliate Members. Interested in starting a project, talk it over with Stefano Zacchiroli; want to build a developer relations team, get some advice from Leslie Hawthorn; talk to Mike Milinkovich about how to get your project under a foundation.


There is a lot of representation from current and former board members in OSCON talks and panels this year.

Our current board member Deborah Bryant (Twitter) will be on a panel with former board member Danese Cooper (Twitter) about Open Source Foundations. This promises to be a very useful session to teach you how to set up the foundations of an open source entity.

Leslie Hawthorn (Twitter), a current board member, will be co-presenting “I am your User, Why Do You Hate Me?“, a talk that brings a private rant public, where she and her co-presenter, Donna Benjamin, will address Open Source projects that can be somewhat prickly towards their users.

Other former board members who we will hear from are Chris DiBona (Twitter), on a panel teaching us Open Source Lessons from the TODO Group; Matt Asay (Twitter) will reveal the truth about open source businesses; and Jim Jagielski (Twitter) will be part of a panel speaking about Aligning Patents and Open Source.

OSCON Tickets

If you don’t have your ticket yet, don’t forget that as an OSI member, you get a 30% discount off of regular ticket prices, or a free pass for the expo hall!

  • 30% Discount Code – PCOSI
  • Free Expo Hall Pass – PCEXPO

Share Your Expertise!

In addition to our booth, we will be doing video interviews with members who would like to share information about their projects. We would love to hear what you have to say! Recording times can be found here. Sign into your account (or register yourself on the wiki) to edit the page and sign yourself up for a time slot.

Our booth is already fully staffed, but if any members would like to sign up to have office hours in which to share their expertise, you can do that right here!

Stay Updated!

For those of you who cannot make it this time – be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates throughout the week of OSCON so you don’t miss a thing!