Two Affiliate Events Later This Month

October in 2019 was packed with opportunities to catch up — in person — with many of our open source friends. This year is different, but there are still opportunities to learn, grow and even meet people. The only downsides? No long flights, no camping out in hotel lobbies waiting for your room to be ready and no jetlag. 
On October 15 – 17, you can join LibreOffice who are combining their annual conference this year with openSuse. OSI Board member Italo Vignoli will be speaking on the first day about how to get LibreOffice certification. The conference is free and the community is welcome! Check the conference website for the full schedule and detals on how to register. 
On October 20-24th, SysArmy, an Argentinian community for IT professionals is organizing the 7th edition of, a five day open source event with talks in English and Spanish. Topics range from technical tips and practical career advice to pondering the big questions about the future of tech. Keynotes include Brian Kernighan and Alan Kay. Tickets are free, so check out the schedule and details in English or Spanish here!