‘Tis The Season…

This year you’re probably inundated with requests for financial support from a variety of very worthy causes, including many from open source software projects, and other organizations working to promote software freedom. Indeed we here at the OSI are running our own end-of-the-year fund raiser, and we hope you will contribute.

However we also want to make you aware of the many other opportunities to support open source software projects and the communities that support them, specifically among our Affiliate Members. We’re all working toward the same goals, and we hope you will be as generous as possible in recognition of the many people, and all the time they commit to bring you the high quality software that powers your computers, devices, businesses, governments, schools, and communities.

Please find below a few quick links to all of the OSI Affiliate Members’ donations pages. As an OSI Affiliate, we’ve ensured each is a non-profit organization and, depending on your location, your contribution may be tax-deductible: “Many donations make all bugs shallow“.

Thank you for your support or the Open Source Initiative and the open source software.


If you’re an OSI Affiliate Member, and not listed here, let us know

Happy Holidays,
The OSI Board of Directors

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