The Faces of Open Source: Mike Dolan

We’re pleased to present the eighth, but sadly, final episode of Shane Martin Coughlan’s, “The Faces of Open Source Law”, featuring Mike Dolan. We’d like to thank Shane for his great work in introducing the issues related to open source software and communities, as well as the people so deeply involved and committed to helping the movement succeed.

It was the end of the conference, we had seven interviews completed, and the staff was packing up all around. Mike and I got together during the goodbyes between everyone and he mentioned he had a little free time. Instead of closing the season with a typical interview we decided to go a little light-hearted. We grabbed some potted plants from around the main conference room, pushed a few chairs together, and created a genuine knock-off of Between Two Ferns.

Mike commented that our setup was just as ramshackle as the actual show. Despite this we recorded one of the longer and most content-filled interviews of the season, providing a perfect end point to an experiment in connecting personalities to well-known names in the open source legal sphere.

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“Mike Dolan – The Faces of Open Source Law – Season 1 – Episode 8” is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license. “The Faces of Open Source Law” was shot during breaks at the FSFE Legal Network ‘Legal and Licensing Workshop’ in Barcelona during April 2017. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!