The Faces of Open Source: Mark Radcliffe

In this fourth episode of Shane Martin Coughlan‘s, “The Faces of Open Source Law,” we continue our introductions to the vibrant open source community, through discussions with some of it’s most active contributors.

Shane‘s series may focus on legal issues, but through his discussions, you’ll also find a wealth of information related to broader topics related to development, community and contributions. We’re also very lucky to include in this series interviews, some of the folks who have helped the OSI grow to become the internationally recognized organization it is today. This week is no different with an interview with the OSI’s legal counsel.

As in previous episodes, Shane provides “production notes”, offering his own insights from the interviews.


Mark is someone that is known to everyone. He has been involved in open source law since it became commercially viable and he has insight into market adoption from startups through to multinationals. Mark also has been involved in helping NGOs such as Open Source Initiative, but in our interview I wanted to stick closely to the commercial side of things, for the simple reason that his ability to express market concerns is second to none.

It is noteworthy that in shooting this interview I already had the germ of season two of Faces of Open Source Law in my mind, I was thinking it would be using long-form interviews, and I wanted to have Mark as one of the interview subjects. This meant our season one interview is more closely focused than the others in the series, and in some ways it is biased towards setting the scene for a much longer conversational discussion in due course.

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