Launch of the State of Open Source Survey

OpenLogic by Perforce and the Open Source Initative (OSI) are collaborating on a new survey exploring the state of open source software.

The survey, which will gather insights and identify trends on the adoption and challenges of using open source technologies, is now live and is open to all industry professionals working with open source software in their organizations. 

Open source software plays a prominent role in most organizations’ software infrastructure and applications. The building blocks of today’s software development and operation are all based on open source software, and the rapid growth and adoption of open source software means organizations need to stay current with trends and challenges in using today’s most popular open source technologies.

In the 2022 State of Open Source Survey, OpenLogic and OSI will gather information about the use of open source software, the level of open source maturity and strategy within organizations, and the larger trends shaping the open source ecosystem.

To all OSI members, collaborators, users, and contributors to open source, we invite you to share your perspective in this important under 10-minute survey. There will be one lucky winner receiving a $200 gift card for completing the survey. The closing date for the survey responses and prize draw entries is January 7th 2022. The results from the survey will be published in the 2022 State of Open Source report at the end of January 2022.

Get Ready!

Javier Perez

Chief OSS Evangelist

OpenLogic by Perforce