OSSummit North America is going to be weird – and I can’t wait

Of course it will: first, it’s in Austin, self-proclaimed capital of weird since 2003. Second, it’s a large in-person event after so many years of pandemic, during a massive heat wave, an economic crash, wildfires, drought and floods and a war.

It had better be weird, because frankly I need a break! This is my first large in-person event repping the Open Source Initiative and I’m intent on making it memorable.

I’ve stuffed my schedule with interesting talks, leaving lots of time for the hallway track:

If you’ll be there, let’s catch up. I’d love to talk about our Deep Dive: AI series – as well as all things Open Source in general. I’m also bringing a bunch of new OSI stickers that we hope will find a place on your laptop, recycling bin, bike, toolbox, yoga bag –whichever comes first.

You can email me (stefano at opensource.org), DM me on Twitter or Mastodon.


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