OSI Welcomes Summer Interns

The Open Source Initiative is excited to welcome three summer interns who will be helping us and our Affiliate Members with a variety of projects. The goal of the OSI Internship Program is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about open source software and its development as well as how individuals and organizations are participating within open source communities of practice. The program is designed to replicate how successful open source projects and their contributors work: where self-motivated, self-directed users and developers find specific areas of interest and then contribute their own ideas, skills and experiences.

Recognizing successful open source projects need a variety of “developers” to create everything from code to community, the OSI Internship Program seeks participants from across academic disciplines–Business, Communications, Sociology, Informatics, and of course Computer Science to name a few–the program seeks to provide real life experiences common across open source projects and the communities that support them, giving students first hand experiences as well as opportunities to work with some of the most influential projects and people in open source software and the technology sector.

This summer’s interns are…

  Adityan Ajit
Hey, my name is Adityan Ajit. I’m a third-year undergraduate at SUNY Albany dual majoring in Biology and Computer Science. I’m interested in the applicability of the open-source model, particularly when it comes to research and academia. I’m part of a bioinformatics research group exploring positive selection in the human lineage of a locus of genes called protamines, and I’m also part of a “Rare-Disease Hackathon” where we are trying to help build a diagnostic search-engine for rare diseases. As a career I want to be able to utilize both of my fields of knowledge, and develop web-tools for bioinformaticians.

  Bryan Doss
I am an undergraduate at the University at Albany pursuing a double major in accounting and IT management, with a minor in computer science. The opportunities at the Open Source Initiative are very exciting to me. Current interests include open source business models: how open source software helps/hurts business development, products and services, how open source software and development affects project management and business operations. I would be interested in doing analysis related projects.

  Dillon Eggleston
Hello. My name is Dillon Eggleston and I am a senior that is graduating in December of this year. I am going to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Information Sciences with a concentration in Cyber Security from the State University at Albany. I have done a great deal of projects ranging from creating a mock database plan to writing up business plans with a work breakdown structure, along with creating my own website and hacking a computer system. I would like to work in the Cyber Security field predominantly while potentially doing some other IT work. I am very interested in the security behind the open source community and its software.