OSI to hold License Clinic

OSI is pleased to announce our 2023 Open Source Initiative License Clinic, an in-person event to be held April 4th in Washington D.C. This one day workshop will cover advanced topics on open source software licenses of interest to the US federal government as well as emerging issues such as the confluence of AI models, licenses and data.  

The workshop is in keeping with the Open Source Initiative’s (OSI) non-profit educational mission and has been created in collaboration with the D.C. legal and technology communities. The small and timely content-rich clinic offers an educational opportunity for attendees as well as an opportunity for the OSI to hear what’s top of mind for government practitioners.

The clinic is designed as a cross-industry, cross-community workshop for legal, contract, acquisition and program professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of open source software licenses, and raise their proficiency to better serve their organizations objectives as well as identify problems which may be unique to the government.  Presenters will include OSI board members (current and emeritus) and federal government practitioners.

Topics include Open Source 201, an Expert Panel Discussion: challenges, successes, best practices, operational policies, resources for federal practitioners; a briefing on the evolution of Supply Bill of Materials (SBOM); AI/ML OSS tools, licenses and modern challenges; a primer on alternative license.

 Expert Panelists and Presenters: 

  • Deb Bryant, OSI US policy director and board member emeritus
  • Pam Chestek, founder Chestek Legal and OSI board director and License Committee chair
  • Stefano Maffulli, OSI executive director
  • Daniel Risacher, Department of Defense, Office of the CIO
  • Luis Villa, co-founder and general counsel at Tidelift and OSI board director emeritus
  • Aeva Black, OSI board secretary and Hacker
  • Justin Colannino, OSI board director and Open Source attorney

The clinic is free to attend for OSI Professional Members and those with a .gov or .mil email address. Cost is $250 for general public.

Register now, seats are limited.


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