OSI Executive Director to speak at Open Source Summit Europe

We are slowly, but surely starting to return to in person events. Our next stop is Dublin for Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe, from September 13th to the 16th. Thrilled to meet Open Source developers, technologists, and community leaders alike. Come visit our booth B12.

The OSI’s own Executive Director will be giving not one, but two talks this time! “Defining an Open Source AI” is on Thursday, September 15th at 11:55 am in the Wicklow meeting room 3. In this session, attendees will be invited to participate in a thought-provoking discussion about a seismic shift facing Open Source today: What characteristics should be in an Open Source AI? The traditional view of open source code implementing AI algorithms may not be sufficient to guarantee inspectability, modifiability and replicability of the AI systems. He will also be sharing the first results of OSI’s Deep Dive: AI, the multi-part event that is helping OSI stakeholders frame a conversation to discover what’s acceptable for AI systems to be “Open Source.”

On Friday, September 16th at 11:45 am, you have the chance to hear “What’s brewing at the Open Source Initiative” in the Wicklow meeting room 1. This will be a good time to learn about the steps taken by OSI’s board to re-think its role, how we built consensus, the obstacles we found and how we overcame them. He’ll also describe the plans for the future, how we see the role of OSI within the Open Source community while looking at the technological trends that have the potential to impact the Open Source Definition, from Artificial Intelligence to web3 and blockchain. Come with your questions: it will be a fun, interactive session!

If you’re attending this year’s event we invite you to come hang with us in our booth and meet Stefano and other OSI board members! Or just stop by and say hi and chat. There will be plenty of stickers to give away! We’re looking forward to seeing you! Book time to meet with Stefano Maffulli in Dublin.


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