A note from the Executive Director: October News & Updates

I consider myself lucky to have witnessed open source changing the world, watching it go from a niche revolutionary idea to owning a place just about everywhere in everyday life. 

It spread because of the principles it embeds: Non discrimination, fairness, collaboration, community and innovation. These principles of open source were written in the Open Source Definition to simplify our way of interacting with the digital world.

There’s much we can accomplish together as a community; it was great to jump right in with the Practical Open Source Information event. For now, know that I’m committed to open communication, and ready to hear any questions, concerns or ideas you have. Book an appointment for an informal chat during office hours on Fridays.

I hope to meet with you soon!
Stefano Maffulli

In this month’s Open Source Initiative Newsletter:

  • Practical Open Source Information Event update
  • Meet Betsy Waliszewski, Director of Sustainability
  • OSI 2021 Board seated
  • Sponsor Updates
  • New affiliate: Teckids e.V.
  • More news from our Affiliate members

Practical Open Source Information Event Update:

With over 300 attendees and 30 speakers, our half-day event on Sept. 16 served as a valuable forum for community members to come together and discuss a wide range of pressing issues affecting open source practitioners everywhere. More from Interim Director Deb Nicholson here.

Missed it? Stay tuned for recordings and posts from the sessions.

Meet our new Director of Sustainability

Betsy Waliszewski is another recent addition to the OSI team, serving as Director of Sustainability. She’s in charge of our fundraising efforts and sharpening up our communications with stakeholders in the open source community.

Waliszewski comes to OSI after many years in the open source community. Some of you may have met her during her 16 years with O’Reilly Media, the longtime organizational host of OSCON (RIP.) Others may have known her from a six-year stint at the Python Software Foundation where she served as Sponsorship Coordinator and Administrator. 

Learn more about her plans as the OSI’s new Director of Sustainability.

OSI 2021 Board Seated

Join us in welcoming new and returning board members:

  • Aeva Black, Azure Office of the CTO’s Open Source Ecosystem team, new Individual member.
  • Catharina Maracke, a lawyer with over 15 years of experience in public licensing models, new Individual member.
  • Thierry Carrez, VP of Engineering, Open Infrastructure Foundation, new Affiliate Board Member.
  • Hong Phuc Dang, FOSSASIA founder, formerly served as Vice President, returning as Individual member.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s board election. We especially appreciate everyone who took the time to run for the OSI board; your willingness to serve is one of the things that makes the open source community such an amazing place to collaborate.
Our next election takes place early next year, with two Individual seats and one Affiliate seat opening up.

Sponsor Updates

Interested in sponsoring, or partnering with, the OSI? Please see our 2021 Sponsorship Prospectus and the 2020 Annual ReportContact us to find out more about how your company can promote open source development, communities and software.

Huge shoutout to all of our new Sponsors:

Maintainer                Supporter                               Partner

Camunda                 Perforce Software                  Blindside
GitHub                                                                       SauceLabs


Anvil                               DrivenCoffee                      Miro-Kredit AG
CrossCompute              Erlang Solutions               Word Unscrambler
Devrella                         LoadView Testing

Special thanks to POSI Sponsors:

OSI Welcomes New Affiliate Member: Teckids e.V. 

Teckids e.V. is joining OSI as an Affiliate Member. Based in Germany, the organization focuses on providing free software resources and tools for students and educators. Teckids also holds events and workshops to raise awareness for teamwork and democracy. Learn more about Teckids.

Updates from Affiliate Organizations

Check out events, news and more from our affiliates.

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