OSI links arms with the Open Infrastructure Foundation

Here on the blog we’ve been sharing stories of why our sponsors have chosen to support OSI. Today I’m flipping the script to explain why OSI has chosen to become an associate member of one of our own members, the Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation. You can read more about their new affiliate members here.

The OpenInfra Foundation is focused on helping establish new open source communities that contribute to the advancement of today’s open infrastructure. It has over 100,000 members in 187 countries working together to build the tools infrastructure operators need for Data Center Clouds, 5G, Edge, Containers, CI/CD and beyond.

OpenInfra Foundation exists to ensure each open source component is built and tested together, collaboratively, with a radical approach to openness called the Four Opens: Open Source, Development, Design and Community. OpenInfra as a model for how to practice collaborative software innovation upon a framework of open source licensing, and we recognize the positive impact it is making on the open source software community.

At the core of the open source movement is the spirit of giving back. OSI and OpenInfra are aligned in our philosophies and our commitment to open source principles, so it’s in this spirit that we have chosen to become an associate member of the foundation. OSI is a champion of software freedom and steward of the Open Source Definition, but it’s the community itself that makes it happen day in and day out. We’re doing this together, and offering our support to the OpenInfra Foundation for all that it is doing to help the open source software community make real progress is something we’re proud to do.

If you’d like to learn more about the Open Infrastructure Foundation, visit their website and consider becoming a member yourself. You can join as an organization or as an individual.