OSI Celebration at Campus Party Brazil

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) celebrated its 20th Anniversary at [Campus Party Brazil 2018](http://brasil.campus-party.org/) during the first week of February. Campus Party Brazil is among the largest and most diverse tech events in the world. The eleventh edition of the event received a total of 120,000 attendees, of which 8000 were “campers” (participants who actually camp in tents inside this week long event). Approximately 40% of attendees were women, which is a very high mark for a tech event.

The OSI was well represented at Campus Party. [Patrick Masson](https://twitter.com/massonpj), the general manager of the OSI, flew in from New York to meet staff member [Nick Vidal](https://twitter.com/nickvidal) and two former OSI Board members who live in Brazil: [Bruno Souza](https://twitter.com/brjavaman), founder of [SouJava](https://twitter.com/soujava) (the world’s largest Java user group), and [Fabio Kon](https://twitter.com/FabioKon), professor at [USP](http://www5.usp.br/english/?lang=en) university (the top higher education institution in Latin America).

Patrick gave his talk entitled *The Third Decade of Open Source* at the main stage, where he offered an overview of the first two decades of Open Source, and went on to predict the next decade. The first 10 years of open source were dedicated to advocacy and controlled by controversy. In the second 10 years we saw adoption and even ascendancy within many sectors. Ahead, in the third 10 years, the goal is assimilation, and the expectation is authenticity.

There were several talks and activities related to Open Source at Campus Party, including a keynote from the legendary [Jon “Maddog” Hall](https://twitter.com/maddoghall), president of OptDyn. Maddog presented [Subutai](https://subutai.io/), an Open Source, container-based P2P Cloud computing platform that allows anyone to share, barter, or rent computer resources using Subutai’s cryptocurrency.

Many Open Source communities and projects were present at Campus Party:

* The Developers community was represented by the “Developers’ League” ([Liga dos Desenvolvedores](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tOCsDhtbXU)), led by [Bruno Souza](https://twitter.com/brjavaman) and [Prof. Francisco Isidro Massetto](http://www.professorisidro.com.br/).
* The SysAdmin community was represented by the “SysAdmin Forum” ([Papo de SysAdmin](http://papodesysadmin.org/)), led by [Christiano Linuxmen](https://twitter.com/linuxmen).
* The [Debian](https://www.debian.org/) community was represented by [Paulo Henrique Santana](https://twitter.com/phls00). The big announcement was that DebConf will be held in Brazil in 2019.
* The [Gnome](https://www.gnome.org/) community was represented by its president [Nuritzi Sanchez](https://twitter.com/1nuritzi).
* The [KDE](https://www.kde.org/) community was represented by [Lays Rodrigues](https://twitter.com/lays147), project lead of [atelier](https://github.com/KDE/atelier), an Open Source 3D Printing Host.
* The [Linux Professional Institute](https://www.lpi.org/) was represented by [Rafael Peregrino da Silva](https://twitter.com/rperegrino) and [Jon “Maddog” Hall](https://twitter.com/maddoghall).
* The [OpenSuse](https://www.opensuse.org/) community was represented by [Alessandro de Oliveira Faria](https://twitter.com/cabelo_linux). Alessandro gave an excellent talk about AI and AR/VR using Open Source tools he maintains.
* The Hacker community was represented by [Mitch Altman](https://twitter.com/maltman23), who also gave a keynote about [Hackerspaces](https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/).
* The Educators community was represented by [Jocemar Nascimento](https://twitter.com/jocemar80) and [Leo Burd](https://twitter.com/leoburd), head of the [Creative Learning Network](http://aprendizagemcriativa.org/) from MIT Media Lab. Their team had a workshop about robotics and education.
* The CyberSecurity community was represented by [Christiane Borges Santos](https://twitter.com/angel_chris) and [Alberto Azevedo](https://twitter.com/ajazevedo).
* The Blockchain community was represented by [Don Tapscott](https://twitter.com/dtapscott), author of Blockchain Revolution.

There were also several Open Source friendly companies present at Campus Party, including:

* [AdBlock Plus](https://adblockplus.org/), represented by [Rachel Brochado](https://twitter.com/rachel_mbr) and [Diego Lima](https://twitter.com/diegocarloslima).
* [Rocket.chat](https://rocket.chat/), represented by [Diego Dorgan](https://github.com/diegodorgam) and [Julia Grala](https://github.com/juliagrala). Rocket.chat is one of Brazil’s most popular Open Source projects.
* [IBM](https://www.ibm.com/), represented by [Adriana Esmeraldo](https://twitter.com/adriesm) and [Sergio Gama](https://twitter.com/sergiorggama). IBM has being OSI’s longest continuous sponsor in our 20-year history.
* [EndlessOS](https://endlessos.com/), represented by [Nuritzi Sanchez](https://twitter.com/1nuritzi).

These were just a few communities and companies we were able to meet in person at Campus Party. An additional list of Open Source activities at Campus Party is available [here](

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Open Source, the community led by [Christiano Linuxmen](https://twitter.com/linuxmen) and [Luckas Judocka](https://twitter.com/judocka) organized a wonderful Birthday Party attended by almost 100 people. The food was generously provided by [iFood](https://www.ifood.com.br/) (thanks [Eduardo Ximenes](https://twitter.com/duximenes) and [Nara Zarino](https://www.linkedin.com/in/nara-zarino-5707b02b/)). [Rachel Brochado](https://twitter.com/rachel_mbr) also brought in a cake and some cupcakes. To celebrate the next decade of Open Source, we invited Guilherme Faria, a 10-year old boy who loves Linux, to blow out the candles. Guilherme represents the next generation of the Open Source community.

We want to thank everyone from the Open Source community who made this celebration so special. Our many thanks to the Campus Party organizers [Thalis Antunes](https://twitter.com/thalisantunes), [Izabel Valverde](https://twitter.com/izabelvalverde), [Juliana Teodoro](https://twitter.com/Ajudajuliana), [Paco Ragageles](https://twitter.com/pacoragageles) and [Tonico Novaes](https://twitter.com/toniconovaes).

We look forward to celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Open Source at these upcoming events in Brazil:

* [Campus Party regional events](http://brasil.campus-party.org/)
* [The Developers Conference](http://www.thedevelopersconference.com.br/tdc/2018/index.html)
* [Latinoware](http://latinoware.org/)
* [FISL](http://fisl18.softwarelivre.org/)
* [BrazilJS](https://braziljs.org/conf/)

For upcoming events worldwide, please see:


If you are interested in learning more about Open Source in Brazil, please check this excellent summary from O’Reilly: