OSI Board Changes 2013

One of the ways we’re turning OSI into a member organisation is to gradually replace the Board with member-selected directors. This process started last year when OSI’s Affiliate members — non-profit organizations themselves — selected candidates for the Board. This year, two directors have left the Board; Fabio Kon, whose education initiatives for OSI have been held in high regard, and Alolita Sharma, who has been an OSI director for many years and in multiple roles but most recently served as OSI’s Treasurer. The Board thanks them both warmly for their service to OSI and to open source.

The vacancies they left were allocated to our two member categories. The Affiliates selected Bruno Souza of Brazil as their candidate and the Board duly appointed Bruno as a director of OSI yesterday – welcome! The Affiliates have now selected three of OSI’s eleven directors. The second vacancy will be filled via an election by the Individual members of OSI later this quarter — details to follow.

The Board — including Bruno Souza — will meet in Washington DC next week to select its officers for 2013-14 and to plan the next steps in OSI’s transformation. If you would like to meet them, please come to OSI’s DC Metro Open Source Community Summit on May 10.