OSI at OSCON 2015

Once again the OSI and our Board of Directors will be at OSCON. Just like in years past, the OSI will again be strongly represented with presentations form our Board Directors, Affiliate Members and Individual Members, a booth in the Expo Hall and even a dedicated session on how to use OSI’s resources to change the open source world.

Here are just a few suggestions of activities to help make your OSCON educational, inspirational and fun while supporting the OSI:

OSI Special Session

“How to use OSI’s resources to change the open source world
Deborah Bryant (Open Source Initiative & Red Hat) & Simon Phipps (Open Source Initiative & Wipro)
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/24/2015
Do you have a great idea for how the open source world could be a better place? Would you like the resources and mentors to make it real? Since 2012, OSI has been transforming into a member organisation and it has now reached the stage where it has a member-elected Board and a General Manager ready to empower change.

OSI Board Director Sessions

They’re here. Now what? Keynote
Allison Randal (Open Source Initiative & Hewlett-Packard)
The early days of the open source movement were all about creating an approachable on-ramp to software freedom. We focused strongly on the practical benefits of free software and refined the message, hoping to help the professional software sector better understand what we’d been saying since 1983. We succeeded to such an extent that modern open source is characterized by active use, participation, and contributions, from the largest Fortune 50 software giants to the smallest Silicon Valley startups and everything in between. Success in our first goal doesn’t mean we’re done, it only means we’re due to clearly define the next phase of open source. The potential of what we might accomplish, using the resources of the entire software industry, is both inspiring and daunting. Will we live up to that potential?

General Session
Fear of failing fast: How to avoid sabotaging your success
Leslie Hawthorn (Open Source Initiative & Elastic)
While it’s easy to pay lip service to the idea of innovating by failing fast, humans are both neurally geared and financially incentivized to avoid failure. We’ve all heard the tales of woe: blameless reviews that were anything but blameless; encouragement to work on an experimental project with punishment being the primary result of its failure; and the associated fear of doing anything new, speculative or untried. The results are simple: individuals, teams, and companies that stagnate slowly. So how can we create an environment that makes failing fast safe for the participants and their organizations? In this talk, we’ll cover key strategies for creating an environment that fosters rapid innovation in your organization.

OSI in the Expo Hall

Be sure to come by the OSI’s booth at the Non-profit Pavilion in the Expo Hal. While you’re there also please visit our Affiliate Members:

  • DemocracyLab: DemocracyLab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aspiring to revolutionize the nature of political dialogue. We’re developing open source software tools to help communities identify problems, construct solutions, make decisions, and take collaborative action.
  • The Document Foundation: The Document Foundation is an open, independent, self-governing, non-profit organization. Its objective is to develop Free/Libre and Open Source office software, based on open standards, through an independent, meritocratic community and international collaboration. The community develops LibreOffice, continuing and building on ten years of dedicated work by the OpenOffice.org community.
  • Drupal: Drupal is an open source content management platform that empowers individuals, teams, and communities to easily publish, manage and organize web content. Tens of thousands of organizations use Drupal to power millions of community web portals, corporate web sites, social networking sites, personal web sites or blogs, applications and much more. It’s built, used and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.
  • FreeBSD: The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3), US based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and building the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. The Foundation gratefully accepts donations from individuals and businesses, using them to fund and manage projects, sponsor FreeBSD events, Developer Summits and provide travel grants to FreeBSD developers.
  • Linuxfest Northwest: LinuxFest Northwest is presented by volunteers from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, and draws hundreds of attendees from around the region. It features internationally recognized speakers from well-known open source projects, as well as a variety of interesting exhibits and demonstrations. Admission is free, and all ages are welcome.
  • Mautic: Mautic provides free and open source marketing automation. Every business or organization regardless of their size now has access to the most powerful lead nurturing, lead generation, email marketing, campaign management, asset management software available. Download Mautic and install on your own server for a completely private and totally secure marketing platform. Integrate Mautic with an unlimited number of other systems through a solid API. Unlimited leads, unlimited emails, unlimited users, unlimited integrations at no cost.
  • Mozilla Foundation: The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet. We promote the values of an open Internet to the broader world. Mozilla is best known for the Firefox browser, but we advance our mission through other software projects, grants and engagement and education efforts such as Mozilla Webmaker.
  • OW2: OW2 is an independent industry community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some one hundred technology projects, including ASM, Bonita, CLIF, CompatibleOne, DocDoku, Emerginov, erOCCI, JOnAS, JORAM, Lutece, Nanoko, OpenCloudware, OpenPaas, ProActive, SpagoBI, Talend Studio, WebLab, XLcloud , XWiki.

OSI Former Board Director Sessions

Building and running an open source programs office
Chris DiBona (Google)

OSI Premium Sponsor Sessions

Database reliability engineering, modernizing the DBA role, Charity Majors

Building and running an open source programs office, Will Norris
Coding in the FLOW: Structuring your development session to promote a state of flow, Caskey Dickson
Debugging Teams, Ben Collins-Sussman
Handle your design conundrums with modern Python design patterns, Alex Martelli
High adventures in sniffing my own metadata, Josh Deprez

Java-based microservices, containers, Kubernetes – how to, Ray Tsang
Stop writing Javascript frameworks, Joseph Gregorio

CoreOS DNA on Debian, Patrick Galbraith
Developing and deploying cloud native apps on Cloud Foundry and OpenStack with HP Helion, Rajeev Pandey
Introduction to developing embedded Linux device drivers, Nick Gudman
OpenStack basics — featuring HP Helion OpenStack, Christopher Cannon

Open Source Lynchpins in 2015: the Anti-Venom to Vendor Lock-in, Angel Diaz
Design, culture, and transformation: Our journey so far, Phil Gilbert
Zero to light speed – performance of containers and hypervisors in cloud, Andrew Hately
Offline-first mobile web apps with PouchDB, IBM Cloudant, and IBM Bluemix, Bradley Holt
Open source design: A love story, Una Kravets
Open source era of innovation- taking over the world of cloud applications – one at a time, Andrew Hately & Jason McGee
Case studies in success: Exploiting the open source Linux ecosystem to drive rapid innovation and higher value, Jim Wasko

OSI Sponsor Sessions

Welcome and introductions: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Opening Welcome Keynote, Sarah Novotny
Connecting and deploying microservices at scale with nginx, Nick Shadrin

Building and running an open source programs office, Chris Aniszczyk
Creating an open source office: Lessons from Twitter, Chris Aniszczyk
Scala at scale at Twitter, Travis Brown

We hope you’ll attend a session, stop by our booth in the Expo Hall, or just say , “Hi” at one of the great social events. See you in Portland!