OSI and OSHWA Sign Agreement

Following discussions about the Open Source and Open Source Hardware logos, OSI and the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) have worked together to compose a co-existence agreement on behalf of their representative communities. We are pleased to announce that this document (PDF) has been approved and signed by both parties!

This means that each group separately has control of their respective logo and in particular that the Open Source Hardware community can continue using the OSWH logo with no changes. As per the agreement, OSHWA will (in the near future) publish guidelines for the use of the OSHW logo, designed to promote its use in compliance with the Open Source Hardware Definition. Until then, if you are using the OSWH logo please make sure that you are following the definition. As ever, if you want to use the OSI logo please see the trademark usage pages.

Working with other organizations is just one of the ways we serve the community. Through your membership support, both OSHWA (join now) and OSI (join now!) hope to continue representing your needs.