Open source powers massive theatrical mixing console

The latest news from Harrison Consoles (a company that pioneered the use of Linux in high-end audio applications) announces that Universal Studios has upgraded their massive theatrical mixing console with Harrison’s latest Linux automation system.

The long and rather steep decline in real estate values and equities has been headline news for months. Less frequent, but still notable (in terms of headlines) have been the declining standards for education and testing, the declining quality of the food that we eat, and the declining health of the population that’s supposed to be supporting us in our old age–the ingrates! So should we really care about the fact that the recorded music we listen to is getting worse, too?

But there is one encouraging exception to these many declines, and it can be found, occasionally in the world of the well-recorded movie soundtrack, played in a good theater. That quality begins with a composer and an orchestra that really cares about the craft, and continues straight through the whole production process until, if the stars remain aligned, everything comes together in the final mixdown at a place like Universal’s Hitchcock Theater.

Linux and Open Source? Sounds good to me!