Open Source is taking new turns in Africa.

Open Source in Africa is taking a different turn. It is going policy. We have done the “raising dust” or advocay part. We have also done the debate part of it. The time for constructive and sustainable action is here. The Free Software and Open Source Foundation is now engaging with Regional blocks to entrench FOSS in national ICT Policies. In the recently-concluded FOSS meeting between the Foundation and representatives of the member states of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, there was little time for talk. It was more of doing and action than talk and debate. So it will be an all-out thing. The raising of dust will continue, the debates will be prolonged, and all of that will be powered by action at policy level. More on that here If you want to get a peek at the meeting report, the follo-up strategies and what the Free Software and Open Source Foundation is planning to do in the next steps, send a mail to