Open Source Initiative Announces New Partnership with Software Liberty Association Taiwan

The Software Liberty Association Taiwan joins long list of Open Source Initiative Affiliate Members and growing representation in Asia.

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 20, 2019 – The Open Source Initiative ® (OSI), the global organization working to promote and protect open source, is excited to announce the Affiliate Membership of the Software Liberty Association Taiwan (SLAT). Founded in 2001, SLAT is Taiwan’s first legal entity dedicated to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), supporting both the development and user communities.  As an active community of advocates and technologists, SLAT both drives initiatives, and partners with existing projects, to promote FOSS, including the Open Source Software Application Consulting Center—a program fostering FOSS in Taiwan’s schools.  

Critical to both the OSI’s and open source projects’ success is, as stated in the OSI mission, “building bridges between communities.” Both the OSI and SLAT believe those organizations serving Free and Open Source Software communities should seek out ways to support each other—SLAT’s Affiliate Membership is an excellent example of such collaboration.

“We’re thrilled to have SLAT join us in our work to advance Open Source Software and foster open source development,” said Patrick Masson, OSI General Manager. ”SLAT is already doing amazing work throughout Asia, and I hope we can compliment their efforts, and even help expand their good work through other OSI Affiliates. Open Source Software is a world-wide phenomena, so the OSI must commit to working globally.”

“We found a blue ocean in the world of FOSS,” said Franklin Weng,  former SLAT president and current executive director. “Many  educational applications simply aren’t profitable enough for proprietary vendors to invest in  however are vital to students and schools . FOSS plays a critical role in educational software: programs like Kanagram, Geogebra, GCompris, Kalzium, Stellarium, and Kmplot, covering all kinds of subjects, and making education accessible.  Everyone, every kid, no matter rich or not, elite or not, they all can use these resources in their learning.”

In  2015, SLAT launched the Software Liberation Movement, The goal, “explain to people that they have the freedom to choose whatever software tools they need according to their real-world requirements,” explained Weng. “We, the users,  should be the ones who determine which tools we use for achieving our goals. However in reality, most people are bound by limitations or restrictions inherent to proprietary software.  We’d like to make people aware that they have many choices, and Open Source Software should be like that of ‘public infrastructure’ in the physical world—just like buses, trains, accessibility facilities, etc. The value of public infrastructures lies not in how many people are using them, but in the fact that they exist when people have such requirements.”

Most recently SLAT has begun promotion of “Public Money Public Code“ in Taiwan. Such policies require that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. “If it is public money, it should be public code as well.”  Again Weng, “OSI and SLAT are both committed to educating people about open source — its spirit and value. The OSI reviews and certifies open source licenses, which we think is very important, clearly identifying what is open source. It’s very important developers in Taiwan use OSI approved open source licenses. We’re very happy to join OSI as an Affiliate Member to, together, support  initiatives like the Software Liberation Movement, and Public Money Public Code.”

The OSI Affiliate Member Program is available at no-cost to nonprofits, educational institutions, and government agencies that support the OSI’s mission to promote and protect open source software. As the steward of the Open Source Definition certifying Open Source Software Licenses, by establishing such certification as the standard for open source software development and distribution, and with the support of our Affiliate Membership, the OSI has become a cornerstone of software freedom.

About Software Liberty Association Taiwan
Founded on April 8, 2001, the Software Liberty Association (SLAT) is dedicated to serving the free and open source community, promoting free software and open source applications to promote community growth.To learn more about SLAT, visit:

About The Open Source Initiative
Founded in 1998, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) protects and promotes open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition, and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement. The OSI is a public charity with global vision based in California. For more information about the OSI, please see .