Open Source Events – Offer To Publicize

Here at we get lots of spurious requests for “link exchanges”…what do firearms have to do with Open Source? /me ducks while a thousand commenters type an answer ;-). We also get more than our share of offers from kindly Nigerians). Ours is a very popular internet destination, so it comes with the territory. Recently our webmaster added comment notifiers to our blogspace so at least we have a chance of catching porn SPAM. Please let us know if you see any we’ve missed. But, we also get lots of requests (via email) to publicize global Open Source events. Before we launched this new, Drupal-driven website…we didn’t have an easy way to accomodate these requests, although we wanted to. The old site was hard-coded and maintaining an events list would have been someone’s constant hobby. In future we hope to add a community-driven calendar of events to this site (which will need to be moderated so we don’t end up advertising for events that have nothing to do with Open Source, but we’re willing to do that). What I’d love to have is a Yelp-like community-driven review section for Open Source events to help the community sort out which events are worth attending and which are poorly planned or targeted at a different audience than you thoughts (Steve, are you listening?) In the meantime it’s now easy for me to blog requests for Open Source event publicity !!! So, if you are hosting an Open Source related event, send me a short description and link by email addressed to: danese at opensource dot org (trusting you Bots not to parse that address, okay?), and I’ll blog it here…I promise. Unless I personally know the event (have attended previous years or know the organizers or requester), I’ll include a little disclaimer in my mention (something along the lines of “not yet visited”) and I’ll click on any links before I post them.