Obituary: Raj Mathur

Former OSI Board member Danese Cooper writes:

One of the pillars of the Indian FOSS Community passed away this week.
Known for his humor, his uncompromising honesty and his generosity in
sharing FOSS knowledge with like-minded individuals. His sudden
passing after a massive heart attack has shocked and saddened his
friends across the FOSS World.

Raj Mathur (aka OldMonk) was a founding member of the seminal Indian
Linux Users Group, Delhi (aka ilug-d), and a very active member of the
free and open source community. Well respected and extremely
knowledgeable, he was often sought after for advice, which he readily
dispersed. He was one of the earliest users and advocates of Linux and
free software in India. Apart from contributions to the FOSS corpus
with numerous packages released under the GNU GPL, he was also a
regular member of the Free Software Award Committee, Director Emeritus
of the Open Source Initiative and visiting professor at the Indian
Statistical Institute, New Delhi1

Here is a 2008 interview with Raj shot at his home (site of many
ilug-d meetings over the years) by Robin “Roblimo” Miller for

Raj Mathur
Picture credit: Pankaj Kaushal, used with permission