Microsoft Loves Open Source

Somehow I missed that Microsoft loves Open Source. There is a reason I missed it. When Microsoft is not threatening to sue people for using/distributing open source they are setting up semi-secret consortiums to hamper the use of Open Source. Microsoft loves “embracing” open source. This “mixed IT” and (uni-directional) “interoperability” is frankly a silly ploy. I WISH Microsoft was sincere but actions speak louder than words. Microsoft “loves” open source the way it “love”d Java. (Update: now available en español thanks to

When I speak to folks at Microsoft all bad behavior is “some other part of Microsoft” that if we just ignore will eventually see the light. That seems like a bad strategy from our “good friends”. If Microsoft sincerely loves open source, it is time for a corporate strategy. Let’s make this simple:

  • How about a “Patent Promise” similar but better than Red Hat’s Patent Promise? Go one step further and extend it to all open source licenses.
  • How about inviting the Open Invention Network to join CPTN? That would make everyone more comfortable that it is a defensive consortium and not a scheme to crush open source.
  • How about changing the tone of the marketing message to “cooperative development” instead of “interoperability”?

Microsoft, I’d like to see this love as more than a cheesy marketing scheme. Show us the love!