Meet OSI’s 2022 candidates for Board of Directors

The candidacy nominations for the Open Source Initiative board of elections closed today, March 7th. The OSI board of directors will renew four of its seats with an open election process among its full individual members and affiliates. This month we will be holding two elections:

  • The Affiliate organizations will elect two directors
  • Individual members will elect two directors

We’re thrilled to announce nine individual and seven Affiliate candidates who are up for election. Meet the candidates before voting opens this Friday, March 11th.

We encourage members to check out the list of Individual and Affiliate Candidates below. Read about their backgrounds and interest in serving on the board. Each candidate page also features a comments section: use it to ask about their plans, hopes, and views for the OSI (don’t endorse candidates there please). Take advantage of the ability to ask questions as it’s the best way for you to learn about each candidate and what they hope to achieve as board members of the OSI.

Individual candidates:

Affiliate candidates:

Next steps

Voting opens this Friday, March 11. You will receive a ballot via email with instructions on how to vote. Only individuals who are Full Members at the time voting opens may vote in the Individual election. Only the official representative of the OSI Affiliates may vote in the Affiliate election, one vote per Affiliate. More details on the elections page.

Upcoming 2022 election schedule

  • March 11, 2022: Voting opens
  • March 21, 2022 (9AM PST): Voting closes and results announced
  • if needed: March 28, 2022: close run-off elections, announce results
  • April 18, 2022: elected members take seats