Luis Antonio Galindo Castro is an OSI Member and you should be too!

For almost 20 years Luis Antonio Galindo Castro has been an intense user of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), and for eight of those years–since the founding of our membership program–he’s been an OSI Individual Member. We hope you too, as an intense user of FLOSS, will join us as an OSI member.

OPF Logo Luis’ work in, with, and for the FLOSS community highlights the collaborative and contributory nature of the community. As an instructor for various organizations, Luis has shared his knowledge and expertise to those new to technology and software while also benefiting from the experiences and perspectives of his students. As a speaker at various forums and conferences, in the spirit of open source, Luis shares his successes with FLOSS on topics such as virtualization of high demand environments on GNU Linux with kvm and how to apply data science with FLOSS to understand communities, but he also contributes his issues as a tester, bug reporter, and participant in forums. Luis is, “a big fan of all those who contribute in the community.”

All my professional life I have grown thanks to FLOSS. I have learned a lot from the community and from the technical documentation. I believe in the power of a software product development strategy such as those carried out by FLOSS communities.

Looking forward, Luis believes FLOSS will continue to help develop great solutions to the day-to-day problems of real people and he plans to continue to participate in the community, “to share what I have learned in these years, to encourage others to get involved with FLOSS, and above all to make the community bigger.”

Luis’ vision aligns with our mission here at the OSI: to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community. Like Luis, we want to encourage you to participate in your local FLOSS communities as well as through organizations working on behalf of the entire open source community–critical to community success is community participation.

We’d like to thank Luis for his years of support, not only of the OSI, but for FLOSS and the communities that enable it’s growing success.

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