LCA: Catch Talks by OSI Staff and Community (aka LCA) is a lovely community conference based in Australasia that will be entering its 22nd year in 2021. The volunteer-run event is known for getting deeply technical on topics varying from the inner workings of the Linux kernel to the inner workings of dealing with communities. This year’s event takes place on January 23rd – 25th and is accessible is digital and accessible to everyone, whether you live “down under” or not.

Our General Manager, Deb Nicholson will be presenting on how to build and maintain kinder, gentler and more sustainable open source communities in her talk, “Move Slow and Try Not to Break Each Other.”  on Sunday at 11:40am.
Neil McGovern, the Executive Director of GNOME (an OSI Affiliate member) will be talking about GNOME’s game-changing 2020 patent settlement, which we spoke about last year, “Celebrating GNOME’s Patent Settlement. His talk “Patently Obvious – The year that lawyers came to FOSS” goes into all the details and will be streamed on Monday at 4:40pm. 
Another Executive Director at another one of our fine affiliated projects, Software Freedom Conservancy, will also be presenting. Karen Sandler will be looking back at “Ten Years of Outreachy!” a Conservancy project dedicated to provided paid internships for folks form under-represented groups to work on FOSS. Her talk is on Sunday at 10:45am.
And finally, OSI Board alumni Molly de Blanc will be talking about her academic work in her presentation on technology and ethics, “Introduction to Ethics from an Ethicist-in-Training.” Her talk is on Monday at 10:45am.
Please note: the conference will be run in the Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT – UTC+11) timezone.