Knowage Renews Sponsorship in Support of Open Source and Open Source Initiative

Open Source Software project cultivates collaboration by extending outreach to OSI as part of broader community development.

Knowage, the open source suite for modern Business Analytics, combining traditional and big data sources into valuable and meaningful information, has renewed their sponsorship of the the Open Source Initiative® (OSI).  Knowage (formerly SpagoBI) has a 14-years history of open source collaboration, where individuals and companies work together to meet the latest analytical needs, including collaboration with current OSI Affiliate Members Eclipse Foundation, OW2, and Engineering Group- one of the world’s leading specialist providers of services, software development and digital platforms that support both public and private companies or organizations through digital transformation.

Powered by a strong international open source community, and released under AGPL3, Knowage code is freely accessible on GitHub.

For over twenty years, the OSI has worked to raise awareness and adoption of Open Source Software, and build bridges between communities. Support from organizations like Knowage, not only provides the OSI with critical financial resources for continued operations, but even more valuably, extends the OSI’s network exponentially through Knowage Labs’ multiple international partners and collaborators.

“Knowage proudly supports the OSI’s efforts in promoting open source to drive innovation, and shares their goal of promoting growth and contributions through authentic engagement across international communities,” said Grazia Cazzin, Knowage Director.

“Knowage highlights how businesses, foundations, and projects can come together to co-create innovative open source software and healthy communities,” said Patrick Masson, General Manager of the Open Source Initiative. “Maintaining an open ethos that ensures community success, not just one project’s, is exactly how open source should work, and we thank Knowage for their commitment.”

As a non-profit, community-driven organization, the OSI relies on the support of volunteers who lend their time to develop and manage internal operations and working groups; individual contributing members, whose annual dues provide critical support and whose votes elect the Board; Affiliate Members, composed of a who’s who of open source projects and foundations, and; corporations who choose to support our mission through in-kind donations and generous financial contributions.

About Knowage Labs
Knowage Labs, together with the open source community, develop Knowage Business Analytics software, manage related professional services, and coordinate a network of international affiliates that serve as local contact points for customers and integrators. Knowage Labs professionals are employed by Engineering Group with offices in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Padua, Turin) and Republic of Serbia (Belgrade). For more information, see the Knowage Community Edition.

About Open Source Initiative
Founded in 1998, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) protects and promotes open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition, and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement. The OSI is a public charity with global vision based in California. For more information about the OSI, please see