How OSI will renew its board of directors in 2023

In the next few weeks, the OSI board of directors will renew three of its seats with an open election process among its full individual members and affiliates. There will be two elections in March, running in parallel:

  • The affiliate organizations will elect one director
  • Individual members will elect two directors
2023 elections timeline

The role of the board of directors

The board of directors is the ultimate authority responsible for the Open Source Initiative as a California public benefit corporation, with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. The board’s responsibilities include oversight of the organization, approving the budget and supporting the executive director and staff to fulfill its mission. The OSI isn’t a volunteer-run organization anymore and the role of the directors has changed accordingly.

Each director is expected to be a counsel and a guide for staff rather than an active contributor. Directors should guide discussions, support the vision and mission of the organization, and advocate for the OSI. They’re also asked to support the fundraising efforts however they feel comfortable doing.

The board is governed by the bylaws. Each board member is expected to sign the board member agreement. Depending on expertise and availability, directors are expected to serve on the active committees: the license, fundraising, standards and financial committees.

Candidates will be asked to share their ideas on how they’ll contribute to the vision and mission, and the 2023 strategic objectives.

The rules for how OSI runs the elections are published on our website. We’ll communicate more details in the coming weeks: stay tuned for announcements on our social media channels (Fediverse, LinkedIn, Twitter.)

Are you a full individual member of OSI as of February 19th? Go ahead and candidate yourself.

Affiliate organizations will receive instructions via email.

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