OSI Events: Future & Recent Appearances

Are you missing catching up with OSI at events? We miss it too! We have been staying busy with online events and hope you’ll be able to stay current with us from the comfort of your home. This weekend is the 13th FOSSASIA event. FOSSASIA is an OSI Affiliate organization and this year’s event takes place from March 13th to March 21st. OSI’s Vice President, Hong Phuc Dang will deliver the opening keynote on Saturday. 


Videos are also now available for many staff and board appearances from the last two months, including many from FOSDEM. 




The Open Road is a brand new podcast about open source, focusing on best practices in community building, hosted by long-time community leaders Brian Profitt and Rich Bowen. Their inaugural episode, “What is Onboarding?” featured our General Manager, Deb Nicholson plus Mary Thengvall and Sarah Finn.  


Tidelift’s Luis Villa and OSI’s Board President, Josh Simmons are starting up a new casual Friday chat about free software topics. Their first confab was with Deb Nicholson and took place on March 4th. Catch the first conversation and learn more about the series, here.


In case you missed it, FOSS Backstage on February 10 featured an all-star panel with OSI Board members Josh Simmons and Hong Phuc Dang along with other well-known FOSS luminaries; Stephen Jacobs, Cat Allman and Jonathan Fink. This panel, “The Culture of Open Source Between Institutions” was chaired by OSI Staffer, Richard Littauer.


Josh also visited DC Python’s main monthly meet-up on February 27 and delivered a talk titled, “About the Open Source Initiative” where he talked about our organizational plans and goals for the next year or two.




In the Legal & Policy room, Hong Phuc Dang (Board Vice-President) and Deb Nicholson (our General Manager) talked about why FOSS is so US-centric, why it shouldn’t be and what we can do about it. Their talk Open Source Culture is Very US-Centric, But It Shouldn’t Be: How Can We Make FOSS Truly Global? is up now. 


Deb also presented in the Community Devroom about triaging your workflow so that you get the important things done and skip the rest. Check out, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doing Less.


Our Board member Italo Vignoli is spoke twice in the LibreOffice room on LibreOffice’s history, LibreOffice Technology From a desktop product to a platform for personal productivity and how to get the most out of LibreOffice’s native document format, ODF for Interoperability: Tips and Tricks to Tackle the Most Common Issues.