OSI Election Update: Trust and Transparency in the 2021 Board Election

We are committed to nothing less than complete restoration of trust in OSI elections, and transparency as to precisely what went wrong with our initial 2021 Board Election.


While our Board was initially confident we could re-run a successful election starting today, lots of people have raised quite reasonable doubts–and then some less reasonable fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) seeped into the discourse. We’re changing plans accordingly.


Below is an action plan for bringing transparency to the 2021 Board Elections and restoring trust among the community in our elections.


Most importantly, we will publish a detailed report here on our blog and ensure the electorate has been fully informed before we re-run the election.


Here is our plan:

  1. Engage an independent forensic expert to investigate the process and technology and report on their findings.
  2. Charter an Oversight Committee including a mix of current board members (excluding any who were running for reelection) and highly trusted and visible long term members of the OSI community in good standing.
  3. Have the Oversight Committee receive the forensic report, summarize their findings, and, at their discretion, make recommendations to the Board.
  4. Board decides on a course of action, and publishes the report after adding details about its own deliberations and both short- and long-term action plans.
  5. Communicate the report publicly as well as directly to voting members of OSI.
  6. Run the election again.


Through this plan of action, we intend to clear everything up and demonstrate to everyone in the community just how committed OSI is to doing right by you. After all, OSI is an organization of, by, and for the community.


We thank you for your patience and understanding, and will be posting weekly status updates until this is resolved. We do not anticipate that this will take very long.


OSI Board & Staff