Don’t Forget To Vote!

With just a few days to go in our elections, here’s your gentle reminder to vote on who you would most like to see on the board of the OSI. You have until midnight PST on March 14th, 2016 to do so.

Helios System

Voting for board members takes places through the Helios App. The link, voter ID, and password can be found in the emails that have been sent to each member. We have a wiki page with far more detailed information on the whole process.

Our Candidates

Profiles for each candidate can be found here, so take advantage of the ability to ask questions in the comments. It’s the best way for you learn about each candidate and what they hope to achieve as board members of the OSI.

Thank you for your continued support as an OSI member*, and as a member-led organisation, thank you for voting.

Not a Member Yet?

We can fix that. Check out our recent blog post for notes on why you should become a member and how to do so.