Comcast: Why we support the OSI

This week, we’re pleased to spotlight another OSI sponsor, Comcast, and learn why open source is important to their organization.

Comcast is a global media and technology company that operates as three primary businesses: Comcast Cable in the U.S., Sky in Europe, and NBCUniversal globally. In addition, Comcast also provides communications services, including residential high-speed internet, phone, and wireless services.

Comcast embraces open source technology as a means of collaborative development toward digital transformation in a very interconnected world. Its Open Source Program Office (OSPO) is very active, and dedicated to being a part of the open source community and continuing to transform while delivering exceptional services to their customers.

We asked our sponsors at Comcast to share the organization’s intrinsic ties to open source, its reasons for supporting the Open Source Initiative, and its hopes for the open source movement. Here’s what they said:

Comcast is committed to open source software. We use it to build products, attract talent, and evolve the technology we use to improve the customer experience. We also encourage and support our software engineers in open-sourcing the projects they develop. We know the collective development ethos behind robust open source projects makes our products better and more powerful and we’re committed to being part of the global open source community now and into the future.

Beyond using open source technologies to build our products and experiences, we contribute actively to a wide range of open-source and open standards groups, including the Open Source Initiative. We believe open source is no longer optional, it is a business imperative and critical for innovation across our entertainment platforms. We also support and encourage the Open Source Initiative to sustain its work in maintaining the definition of Open Source.

OSI has been central to creating more trust in the open source community through its work on license due diligence which we all rely on. At a foundational level, the continued success of the OSI is important to the success of open source. We hope that the ongoing innovation in this space will help encourage more companies to give back to an industry we all benefit from significantly.

The open source movement is expanding globally, and it provides an excellent platform for people that are willing to utilize their skills. With an increasing number of users, we see growth in the contributors, projects, and the community. Because of this, we see sustainability as a fundamental goal to focus on in 2022.