Celebrating 25 years of Open Source at Campus Party

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Open Source at the best tech conferences from around the world, promoting Open Source software and fostering collaboration within the global community.

This past month, the OSI celebrated the anniversary in all corners of the world: at FOSSY in Portland, Oregon, at Open Source Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, at COSCUP in Taipei City, Taiwan and at Campus Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Three key sessions celebrating Open Source at Campus Party Sao Paulo

The 15th edition of Campus Party Brazil received 100,000 visitors at the open arena and 25,000 attendees on July 25-30 in Sao Paulo, Latin America’s tech hub and financial center.

OSI’s board director and Campus Party ambassador Bruno Souza and OSI’s community manager Nick Vidal were on stage to talk about Open Source’s history and future. In this presentation, they covered the rich and interconnected history of the Free Software and Open Source movements. They later looked towards the future of Open Source in this new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and imagined how the world would be if openness and collaboration prevailed.

Next, Alessandro de Oliveira Faria, co-founder of OITI, OpenSUSE’s ambassador, and Intel’s worldwide innovator, gave an outstanding presentation about generative AI using Open Source. He presented the transformers and diffusion architectures and later showcased the generation of text, image, audio and video.

Finally, Aline Deparis, co-founder and CEO of Privacy Tools, and Nick Vidal gave a keynote presentation about the future of AI. They highlighted the importance of Open Source models to help democratize AI, allowing anyone to study, adapt, contribute back, innovate, as well as build businesses on top of these foundations with full control and respect for privacy.

If you are interested in learning more about Open Source and AI, please join our โ€œDeep Dive: Defining Open Source AIโ€ series. CFPs for the online webinars are open and we are looking for proposals that discuss the importance of Open Source models and the impact of AI on society.


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