Atlantic.Net: Why we sponsor OSI

This month, we’re pleased to spotlight one of our sponsors, Atlantic.Net, and learn why Open Source is important to their organization.

Atlantic.Net is a multi-stream cloud hosting and managed service provider headquartered in Orlando, Florida with locations in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In business for almost 30 years, Atlantic.Net operates globally serving clients in over 100 countries, with millions of servers deployed across seven global data centers. Atlantic.Net’s cloud infrastructure platform includes Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated and bare-metal hosting, including compliance hosting backed with a wide range of managed services, with technical support available 24/7.

We asked Marty Puranik, Founder and CEO of Atlantic.Net to share the organization’s intrinsic ties to Open Source, its reasons for supporting the Open Source Initiative, and its hopes for the Open Source movement. Here’s what he said:

Open Source underpins a wide range of services on the Atlantic.Net cloud. Customers can choose from a diverse selection of Linux and Unix operating systems such as Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, and Arch Linux. The development and orchestration of its own cloud is built by Atlantic.Net engineers using Ubuntu, KVM, and many other proprietary solutions.

Popular Open Source applications, operating systems, and application middleware are available on Atlantic.Net’s ACP console. The flexibility of the ACP Cloud empowers users to experiment and consume resources on-demand. An extensive library of procedures and documentation is available covering a wide range of Open Source applications, operating systems, and services. Users can choose from templates of highly secured and reliable software images, including preconfigured LAMP and LEMP stacks, WordPress, NodeJS, Docker, and MySQL instances.

Not only is Open Source foundational to Atlantic.Net’s infrastructure and services, since its inception in the early 90s, Atlantic.Net has supported grass-roots open source technology initiatives. Some of these include:

  • Word Camps: Open-Source WordPress conferences hosted in Orlando, Tampa, and Seattle
  • Bar Camps: Conferences for open-source technologies like Ruby, PHP, Java, and
  • Florida Linux Alliance: Sponsorship provided for a local collection of Linux experts
  • provides hosting services for the Drupal, the popular open-source content management system (CMS)
  • Ubuntu Summit: An annual online event that showcases the very best of Ubuntu, the open-source Linux distribution.
  • DotNetNuke: The largest online .NET community that focuses on the development and maintenance of the open-source DNN platform content management system and application framework.

To see a complete list of supported organizations, visit the Community Involvement section on our website.

Atlantic.Net  is proud to sponsor and contribute to the Open Source Initiative. OSI’s Open Standards are a model for the exacting standards Atlantic.Net strives to create for its customers. As a commitment to the open source community, Atlantic.Net is offering a free-to-use server for one full year and offers plans to help start projects with little to no cost.

Atlantic.Net looks forward to being a part of the growth of OSI in coming years.


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