A personal letter from Catharina Maracke, Chair of the Open Source Initiative

Dear OSI Community,

I trust this message finds you well. It is with mixed emotions that I announce my decision to step down from my role as Chair of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). This transition has not been an easy one, but I believe it is the right step for both the organization and myself at this juncture given the time commitment required in this voluntary position.

Over the months and years, serving as Chair of the OSI has been an incredible privilege and a deeply rewarding experience. I have had the honor of working alongside some of the brightest minds in the Open Source community, advocating for Open Source principles, and helping to shape the future of Open Source software. And the past two years have been particularly exciting for OSI: With Stefano Maffulli taking full responsibility for operational implementation as our Executive Director, we have achieved a great deal to work more closely with our stakeholders and like-minded organizations to increase visibility of the Open Source community in the world. 

In addition to our Deep Dive AI project, we have launched the Open Policy Alliance, a network of non-profit projects and initiatives to support information and education in the public policy discussions related to Open Source software, content, research, and education. We have also revised and clarified our license review process – and launched a new working group to review and ensure consistency among the list of already approved OSI licenses.

During the March 2023 election process, I promised to focus primarily on visibility and operational stability for the organization. I will keep my promise but not in the position as Chair of the OSI. While I will continue to serve on the board, I am convinced that the organization will benefit from rotation and regular changes in leadership as long as the overall mission and operational stability is ensured. Both are clearly given when I hand over the Chair position to my long-term friend and mentor Carlo Piana, who will take over as the Chair of the OSI starting October 9th 2023. The officers Aeva Black, Thierry Carrez, and Tracy Hinds will continue their roles to ensure a smooth transition.

I want to use this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support, dedication, and collaboration over the years. The open source community is built on the values of transparency, collaboration, and inclusivity, and I am confident that these principles will continue to guide OSI in the future.

And a very special word of thanks to Carlo – I couldn’t be more excited for the OSI to continue to grow and flourish under his leadership.

Warm regards,


Outgoing Chair, Open Source Initiative


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