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  • Microsoft’s patent FUD

    Note: this is just my opinion. The OSI board may have a different opinion if it speaks as a body. Microsoft is spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) with their latest anti-Linux patent campaign. If they had an actual, solid case of patent infringement, they would go to a judge, get an injunction against the…

  • Riel’s Law of Innovation

    Rik van Riel posted an interesting insight this weekend about this important difference between those working under the constraints of the proprietary software model and those of us who use and develop open source software: they *have* to target their development to work on marketable features, while we have more liberty to focus on things…

  • A Think Tank of One (or Ten Million, take your pick)

    Two months ago I blogged about the best open source presentation ever?, which was remarkable because mostly when I read what other people have to say about open source, I’m much less charitable (for example, this about James DeLong’s latest paid product).

  • Open Source takes center stage at Yale Conference

    On the just concluded Access to Knowledge Conference run by the Yale Law School Information Society Project, Open Source came…

  • Hello World

    It is a privilege to be part of OSI. Look forward to great things ahead.

  • NCIS gets Open Source right!

    NCIS gets Open Source right! This is probably courtesy of Sean Murray, who is arguably geekier than the character he…