2023 State of Open Source Report: key findings and analysis

I joined Javier Perez on a webinar reviewing the results of the 2023 State of Open Source survey, a collaborative effort between OpenLogic by Perforce and the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Open Source users from all eight global regions, working in 20+ industries in organizations of all sizes were anonymously surveyed. The resulting report is about 60 pages of great content and data on all things Open Source. The raw data of the survey has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Here are some of the key findings we discuss in the webinar:

Open Source Usage

  • 80% of respondents increased the use of Open Source in their organizations over the last year
  • OSS was broadly adopted across the tech stack, from programming languages to operating systems to databases. Container use has increased from 18% to 33%.

Investments in Open Source

  • 5% increase in organizations contributing to Open Source, up to 37%.
  • Over 28% of organizations have a legal team that is familiar with Open Source licenses, an increase over last year.

Open Source Challenges

  • Security (this is predictably first and we expect it will continue to top the list of challenges for years to come)
  • Skills gap
  • Keeping up with updates and patches

Javier and I reviewed the top trends featured in the report for various Open Source technologies including infrastructure, programming languages, frameworks, data technologies, SDLC and build technologies, automation and configuration technologies, and CI/CD tools. Some results were expected, some enlightening, and several were reassuring.

Open Source stewardship is on the rise, and I find that particularly exciting! AI and security and compliance are sure to be top Open Source themes for 2023 as these topics are on everyone’s radar.

Check out the webinar here.

Image created by OpenLogic.


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