2019 OSI Board Election Results

OSI elections seat two returning directors, three new directors, with the last seat to be determined through a run-off election.

The OSI recently held our 2019 Board elections to seat six Board Directors, two elected from the affiliate membership, and four from the individual membership. We would like to congratulate, Pamela Chestek (nominated by The Document Foundation), and Molly de Blanc (nominated by the Debian Project) who captured the most votes from OSI Affiliate Members. We would also like to congratulate, Elana Hashman, Hong Phuc Dang and Carol Smith for securing Individual Member seats on the Board. Due to a tie for the fourth Individual Member seat, between Christine Hall and Mariatta Wijaya, a run off election will be required to identify the final OSI Board Director.

The run off election will be held Monday, March 18th (opening at 12:00 a.m. / 00:00) through Monday, March 25th (closing at 12:00 a.m. / 00:00).

The OSI would like to thank all our members who voted, and especially all the candidates who stood for election. Every year the OSI is honored (spoiled really) with an incredible slate of candidates–advocates, contributors, users, and leaders–who step forward from across the open source software community to support the OSI’s work, and advance the OSI’s mission. As a member driven organization, the active participation of the open source software community is vital to our continued success.

The 2019 elections benefited from our highest turnout of voters to date, with 64% of eligible Affiliate Members voting and 56% of eligible Individual Members casting a ballot. This year’s membership drive, which coincides annually with the OSI Board elections, was also our best, welcoming 139 new members.

Affiliate Member Election Results (two open seats)

29    Pamela Chestek (The Document Foundation)
28    Molly de Blanc (Debian Project)

18    Bruce Perens (Open Research Institute)
13    Charles-H. Schulz (Open Information Security Foundation)
12    Olawale Fabiyi (American International University West Africa)
12    Kate Stewart (Linux Foundation)
9    Lior Kaplan (Debian Project)
8    Frank Matranga (Rensselaer Center for Open Source)
7    Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall (Joomla / Open Source Matters, Inc.)
3    Hugh Douglas-Smith (Joomla / Open Source Matters, Inc.)

Individual Member Election Results (four open seats)

199    Carol Smith
172    Elana Hashman
143    Hong Phuc Dang
104    Christine Hall*
104    Mariatta Wijaya*

92    Duane O’Brien
90    Chris Aniszczyk
81    Van Lindberg
77    Justin Colannino
76    Samson Goddy
64    Luke Faraone
55    Marc Jones
44    Ian Skerrett
33    Brendan Hickey
32    Gustavo G Marmol Alioto
23    Tobie Langel
17    Rakesh Ranjan Jena
16    Dave McAllister

* Run-off election required