Individual Members Election 2013

One of OSI’s main activities at present is to switch governance to become a member-based organization. Towards that goal, earlier this year we held an [Affiliate election](, and we are now announcing our first [Individual Members Election](

This is an important step towards fully empowering OSI’s membership, and we expect this to be just the first election that will gradually replace all Board members with elected candidates from our Affiliates and Individual Members. Assuming all current Directors serve out their maximum terms, the Board will be fully member-elected by 2016.

This election is open to all individual members of the OSI, both as candidates and as voters. Any individual member can nominate themselves as a candidate, and when the election itself starts, all individual members will get an email explaining the voting process.


Nominations are [now open]( If you are an individual member, and would like to nominate yourself, please follow the [election guidelines]( You have until July 5th to self-nominate as a candidate for the election.


If you are an individual member and would like to vote on this election, just pay attention for the voting emails that will be sent on July 8. It will allow you to vote on the election, through our [voting system](

**Becoming a member**

And if you are not an individual member yet, please consider registering for individual membership. Your participation is fundamental to make the OSI more community oriented and to better represent your interests. You can [join in as a member now]( and still vote or become a candidate on this election as long as you join before nominations close.

Thank you!