2009 OSI Board Elections held in April

The OSI board’s annual nominations and elections were held on April 1, 2009.

Highlights of this process included:

1. New Board Membership:
The board seat vacated by Mr. Bruno Souza was filled by Mr. Andrew Oliver, who has been a board observer for the last year.
2. Amendment to OSI’s By-laws:
The board voted to amend the by-laws to state that all board members serving their initial term will be elected to a one-year term. After one year of service, such board members will be eligible to stand for a subsequent two-year term. After three years of service, all board members will be eligible to stand for three-year consecutive terms.
3. Formal Election for Two-Year Terms:
Two board members were up for formal election to two-year terms to the Board after successfully completing their first term of service – Mr. Martin Michlmayr and Mr. Harshad Gune. Both were re-elected to complete their terms.
4. Emeritus Members:
The board voted to confer Emeritus status on Mr. Bruno Souza, in deference to his terms of service.
5. Election of Board Officers:
Mr. Tiemann was re-elected as President unopposed. Ms. Cooper was re-elected as Treasurer unopposed. Ms. Sharma was elected as Secretary for an initial term.
6. Appointment of Board Observers:
Appointment of board observers was deferred to next month’s meeting.

For more details, please refer to the minutes for the April board meeting.